The SAE Anonymous TIPS Line

The SAE is committed to the safety of each member of its community. The SAE is defined as Main Campus, DTC Campus, Middle School Campus, and any buildings used by the school in the Pomona Arts Colony.
The SAE is committed to ensuring that a safe environment is maintained for all students and has a policy of aggressively responding to situations that include, but are not limited to: acts of violence, transport of a weapon on school ground, use or sale of drugs at school, other crime-related issues.
Further, Harassment, Academic Dishonesty, Intimidation, Discrimination, Bullying, School Disturbances & Hate Crimes will not be tolerated per the Student-Parent Handbook.
If your safety or that of someone you know can be at risk, please fill out this form so our team can intervene as soon as possible and continue to maintain our safe environment.
If you feel the safety of you or others is immediately at risk, please let an adult on-campus know so we can support you.