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Your Support Can Change Students' Lives!
WHY support The School of Arts and Enterprise (The SAE)?
  • Every year, more than 95% of The SAE's senior class graduates from high school.
  • In five of the past six years, 100% of The SAE's graduates were accepted into colleges and universities around the country, including such schools as UCLA, New York University, Otis School of Art and Design, UC Berkely, Art Center College of Design, Howard University, American Film Institute, UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego, Hofstra University and Florida A & M.
AND, because The SAE offers its students:
  • Rigorous academics
  • Professional level music, art, theatre, dance, and media programs
  • Strong financial literacy
  • Innovative strategies, including project-based learning
  • Tools to find their own strengths and unlock their own creative excellence
AND, finally:
  • The SAE is a bully-free zone
  • The SAE does NOT academically screen its applicants -- all students, regardless of their artistic or academic abilities, are welcome to apply.
HOW can you support The SAE?
  • Make a donation today by clicking here
  • Or mail your check payable to:
295 N. Garey Ave.
Pomona, CA 91767