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Policies and Procedures » Technology Policy

Technology Policy

Computer and Internet Policies

Computers are available for student academic use in classrooms and in both the Main Campus computer lab and the DTC Campus computer lab. While The SAE attempts to provide complete computer and internet access to its students, computer facilities are limited. The SAE upholds community standards of decency in computer use and students will lose computer privileges should they engage in any conduct that the school finds inappropriate. Such conduct includes, but may not be limited to, accessing pornography or violent or disturbing images, playing games without express consent, engaging in plagiarism, or accessing prohibited sites.

Classroom Computers

Computers in classrooms are managed by the classroom teachers and cannot be used without their permission. 

Computer Labs

The computer lab is available to students during regular school hours when classroom teachers have arranged for its use and/or if classroom teachers have made specific arrangements with the IT Specialist. Before and after school, as well as during lunch, use of the computer lab is a privilege which can be given or taken away at the discretion of school faculty and staff.

Electronic/Digital Device Policy

Personal electronic/digital devices, including but not limited to phones, pagers, portable game players, CD players, and l-Pods are brought to school at your own risk. The SAE is neither liable for nor responsible for these personal items. The SAE will not replace an item if it is lost, stolen or damaged during school hours or at any school sponsored event or function. The SAE is not responsible for providing secured and locked places to store these items even when confiscated. This includes when students are in PE classes or during an emergency drill.

Phones, which include mobile phones and school telephones, are not to be used during school hours, except at break times and lunch. Students may use the telephone, which includes mobile phones and school phones, before and after school (before 8:05 am and after 3:40 pm) and during break and lunch ONLY. This includes using the mobile phone's text messaging, games or camera features.

Furthermore, mobile phones are to be left IN THE STUDENT’S BACKPACK and TURNED OFF. Mobile phones (which are on, go on ring, send or receive messages, or that disrupts class or are used during class time) will be confiscated and will be returned only to the parent/legal guardian. Students  may  not  use  office  telephones  except  for school  business  approved  by  the administration.

Earphones are allowed during passing periods and lunch only.  Earphones should be removed before entering class. Any visible earphones (inside the classroom) will be confiscated). Teachers may determine if students are allowed to use them during certain instructional activities. Camera function on a phone or any other device may not be used at anytime except under Teacher/Administration supervision and permission. Cameras can be used for cheating and taking pictures of people secretly, so the use of them needs to be monitored by school personnel.