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Policies and Procedures » Emergency & Safety Procedures

Emergency & Safety Procedures

Emergency and Safety Procedures


In Case of Emergency

In the event that a parent/legal guardian needs to get in touch with a student for an emergency, she/he can call the Main Office at (909) 622-0699.

Students who need to contact parents/legal guardians in the event of an emergency can use the school's phone with permission from a teacher/administration/office staff.

The SAE is committed to creating and maintaining a safe campus at all times, most especially during periods of emergency. To adequately prepare our students and staff for emergencies, The SAE conducts emergency drill and safety procedure training with students and staff each year.


Emergency Drills

Emergency drills are conducted during the school year. Drills are a serious practice so that everyone will be prepared should a real emergency occur. Usually, they are earthquake drills because the evacuation procedures are the same for a fire drill. Procedures are reviewed with staff members who in turn teach them to students.

Emergency Procedures

In general, during times of emergency please follow the guidelines below. These guidelines will help us ensure your safety. The SAE will follow its Emergency/Safety Plan in times of emergency. Emergency evacuation procedures are posted in all classrooms.  Students are to follow the directions of the staff or faculty at all times. Please keep in mind that there are three (3) possible emergency responses given a student's location:


Emergency Responses

Main Campus, Middle School, Down Town Center (DTC):

  • If an emergency occurs during regular school hours, students are to report to their regularly scheduled class. If at break, lunch time, or at the end of the day, students are to report to their house advisor.

Off Campus (Community Service. Field Trip, etc.):

  • Students are to report to their supervising teacher/advisor/mentor. Supervising personnel will call The SAE campus and report any absences.


Instructions for Severe Weather Conditions

During severe weather conditions (tornado watch, lightning, high wind, flooding), the following situations can create safety problems: fallen trees, branches, power lines, light poles, etc. The safest locations are inside a building or, if you are in a vehicle, remain in the vehicle.

Students are not to be out and about in extreme conditions. Teachers will direct students into their classrooms. Teachers will take roll and students will not be released until it has been determined that it is safe to do so. Before students are released, parents/legal guardians must sign out in the Main Office.


Security and Safety Measures in and around the Arts Colony

It's important for students to always follow good safety practices, such as:

  • Have a partner or a group of friends with you when you are in the Arts Colony.
  • Avoid isolated areas.
  • When waiting for transportation, be in a location that is open and well populated.
  • If you are on the campus at night, wait for your ride in a lit area, preferably in a well-populated area or in a building.
  • If you become concerned about your safety, immediately enter a building and/or notify a staff member.
  • In the case of an unusual situation, immediately notify the closest SAE staff member.
  • Report anything that seems suspicious to SAE staff.
  • Remember that the best strategy for maintaining your safety, in any situation, is to be aware of your surroundings and to be prepared to remove yourself from the situation and seek immediate assistance.
Board Approved Date: September 10, 2020