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Digital Media

Digital Media Arts

Course Title:    Digital Photography

Course Length:         One Year (10 credits) meets requirement “F” for CSU/UC

Grade Level:     9th -12th

Prerequisite:    None

Photo students will explore the elements and principles of design as they apply to the art of photography.  The students will learn composition, lighting, and value through the lens. Students also will be introduced to photo editing software, such as, Photoshop and Illustrator.


Course Title:    Screenwriting and Filmmaking

Course Length:         One Year (10 credits) meets requirement “F” for CSU/UC

Grade Level:     10th -12th

Prerequisite:    Survey of the Arts recommended

This class is designed for the beginning filmmaker, or anyone who has ever had an interest in making movies.  This course will lead the student through basic film terminology, use of basic equipment including cameras, lights, microphones and editing software, this course will also introduce the student to basic elements of script writing and formation as well as basic storytelling. Students will also be introduced to an overview of film history, the origins of the medium, and the industry of filmmaking.  Through this course, students will acquire the skills they need to make movies for their culmination projects.


Course Title:    Foundations in Digital Media Arts

Course Length:         One Year (10 credits)

Grade Level:     9th (required for all 9th graders in 2015-16)

Prerequisite:    Fundamentals of Art  (see Visual Arts)

This course will outline the fundamental theories of digital media and how they apply to filmmaking and other media. In developing skills pertaining to the basics of digital media (basic sound and video editing), students will edit and mix a 1 minute clip from raw video footage.


Course Title:    Graphic Design

Course Length:         One Semester (5 credits)

Grade Level:     9th - 12th

Prerequisite:    Survey of the Arts recommended

This course will introduce students to the basic computer techniques and the application of the principles of design used to create graphic art in programs such as Photoshop, iPhoto, InDesign, and Google SketchUp.  This course is not offered for 2015-16 school year.