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The Governing Board and staff of the School of Arts and Enterprise believes that the effectiveness of the educational program of the school depends fundamentally upon a sound philosophic base, a set of agreed upon goals and detailed objectives consistent with these goals. These are presented in this section.

Education is the life-long development and cultivation of the mind, body and character. The role of the School of Arts and Enterprise and its Board in this process is to provide the best possible educational opportunities for its community that emphasizes the education of the whole person by promoting intellectual, emotional, physical and social growth upon which each student may build his or her future as an individual and as a responsible member of a democratic society and a changing world.

An educated person in the 21st century will have accumulated a large base of global knowledge upon which to build in order to achieve success in a highly technical and sophisticated society. The global economy and international interdependence will demand a strong knowledge of information technology, including usage of the internet. A core of knowledge in the subjects of language arts, math, geography, history, science, art and entrepreneurship will be basic requirements. Moreover, the ability to work well in teams, think critically and creatively, solve complex problems, communicate effectively and employ the skills of a life-long learner will be essential for success in the workplace.
However, such knowledge must be coupled with core knowledge in and a basic appreciation for the visual and performing arts as a gateway to work cooperatively and to understand and respect people from diverse cultural and social backgrounds. Finally, an educated person in the 21st century will understand the need for civic responsibility and social justice.

Students come to schools at different levels of development and with a variety of experiences. They learn at different rates and in different ways. The School of Arts and Enterprise shall provide an educational experience that allows for these individual differences and ensure that each student has an equal opportunity to reach his or her full potential.