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21st Century Learning Goals

The School of Arts and Enterprise

21st Century Student Learning Goals

Understand Diversity.

Understand the opportunities and challenges of diversity on a local and global scale.

  • model respect for all human diversity

  • understand environmental, historical, and global trends

  • assume responsibility for your actions

Never give up on excellence.

Never give up on excellence--rethink, revise, refine.

  • commit to high-quality craftsmanship and excellence through reflection and revision

  • critique your work using established workplace criteria

Learn to problem-solve.

Learn to problem-solve through creativity and critical thinking.

  • seek out innovation and expert resources to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize

  • hypothesize creative solutions and complete rigorous experiments to test them

  • use data to drive decision-making

Open yourself to collaboration.

Open yourself to allow for effective collaboration.

  • practice active listening and reflective dialogue

  • abide by community norms

  • solve problems in teams using roles and expectations to set and monitor goals

Communicate clearly.

Communicate your ideas and opinions clearly using 21st century tools.

  • use precise questions to drive your investigations

  • critically use a variety of media formats to express ideas clearly, creatively, and concisely

Know how to market.

Know how to market your talents using 21st Century skills.

  • use social media with an understanding of the risks and power inherent in them

  • understand and use the elements of discourse in the Information Age to effectively market your ideas

  • analyze opportunities and challenges in order set and achieve life goals