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Director's Message

The SAE is more than just a different kind of school. It is a total experience which transforms the lives of all who attend here. Students carry more than books around on a typical school day. They carry their guitars, sheet music, poetry journals, play scripts and dancing shoes. They dance at lunch and practice their musical instruments or sing. They work with college mentors to assist local businesses improve their bottom line. They are comfortable walking up to teachers and administrators and expressing their opinions. A snap shot of The SAE is one of eclectic, joyful, chaotic harmony.
Actually, making sense out of chaos is a part of our basic philosophy. We like to give students a messy situation and ask them to try to make sense of it. According to the experts this is the way our brain learns best. That is why through the arts and business, as well as through student projects we are creating the 21st Century Leaders that everyone says that we need for America to continue to thrive in a global economy. We take these 21st century skills seriously. We even require students to self-reflect on them and include them in their assessments. Life long learners, critical and creative thinkers, effective users of technology, global citizens and effective team members are all skills learned through our college prep curriculum and student projects.
People often call and ask over the phone to describe The SAE and all that it is. This is nearly impossible. It doesn’t fit well within the box. We are always trying to push the boundaries. Students and parents are welcome to tour, shadow and experience our community of learners for themselves. Then you will know if it is your special place as well as ours.

Mission Statement
To create accomplished life-long learners, the SAE's standard-aligned, college- preparatory grades 6-12 program emphasizes arts and business through innovative project-based learning.