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Important Information


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March Overview

 The month of march will be dedicated to the analysis and use of the Principles of Design.
Students are encouraged to create posters in which they can show their mastery in the application of those concepts.
So far, we have explored the principle of Patterns, which is pervasive in the decorative arts. Nowadays we are exploring the principle of Balance. We will then move towards the principle of Emphasis.


As October comes to an end, we will transition our classes into Filmmaking. 
Please help our students do their homework by providing them with time to use their own or other member of the family cellphone camera, video camera or DSLR camera.  

OCTOBER PROJECTS for Digital Media Arts

During this month we will be concentrating on the element of art called Color. 
Last week we made color wheels and, depending on the grade level, we talked about the difference between Additive and Subtractive Light. 
During the next two weeks, we will be creating collages and photomontages in Photoshop. The theme is: People that have passed away that inspire us. Students are allowed to work with any historical person, celebrity or family member that they wish to celebrate. 
Depending on the grade level, we will be working with the following tools:
6th Grade: Eraser Tool
7th Grade: Selection Tools.
8th Grade: The Path option in the Pen Tool. 
We will continue working on layering images in Photoshop and working with Blending modes.