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Teacher Bio: I am a fourth-year member of The School of Arts and Enterprise Family.  I bring a strong business background and a love for teaching.  I would like to inspire students to become lifelong learners who not only seek higher education but strive to achieve their dreams in spite of personal challenges. The motivation to break through socioeconomic barriers, set high expectations, and persevere has always been my family.  I have three beautiful children and a wonderful extended family.  Recently, we explored the Grand Canyon and walked the Red Carpet with my twins.  Reading is my favorite past time, especially thrillers and mysteries.  I look forward to incorporating all our strengths into building math skills and knowledge.


My goal: To engage each student in the learning process, because everyone has the capacity for learning.


Content Area: Mathematics (CPM-Core Connections Course 1)

                         Integrated Science (Next Generation Science Standards)


Website address:

Email address:

Front Office Phone: (909) 436-1005


Tutoring Dates: Mondays 3:35pm - 4:30pm

                           Thursdays 8:00am - 9:00am

 "I have learned that the best way to lift one's self up is to help someone else." -- Booker T. Washington, educator, writer and orator

Recent Posts

Week 18 at a Glance 05/07/18

  Math Science
Day 1: Introduction to Final Project
Introduction to Final Project
Day 2:
Reading & Annotating
Lesson Plan
Reading Lab &
Distributing Materials
Day 3: Creating Modified Lesson Plan
Planning & Discussion
Day 4: Practicing Lesson Problems
Research Questions
Day 5: Preparing Materials for Lesson
Energy Quiz
Homework: Finish Lesson Plan
Finish Planning &
Bring Materials

Week 16 at a Glance 04/23/18

Note: Students not attending are still required to be present at school.  Alternative activities will be provided.

Week 15 at a Glance 04/16/18

  Math Science
Day 1: Review Dividing Fractions
Conduction/Convection/Radiation Interactive Pres.
Day 2:
9.1.1 Volume of Rectangular Prisms
Conduction/Convection Lab
Day 3: Rectangular Prism Project
Radiation Lab
Day 4: Rectangular Prism Project Lab Conclusions
Day 5: CH9 Rectangular Prism Quiz
Energy Quiz
Homework:  W15 Dividing Fractions  

Week 14 at a Glance 04/09/18

  Math Science
Day 1: CH6 Review & Practice
Energy/Heat Introduction
Day 2:
CH6 Test
Energy/Heat Reading & Annotation
Day 3: 8.1.1 Measures of Central Tendency
Energy/Heat Digital Webquest
Day 4: 8.1.1 Mean, Median, Mode, Range (Continued)
Energy/Heat Digital Webquest Continued
Day 5:
8.1.1 Measures of Central Tendency Interactive Journal
& Quiz
Energy/Heat Interactive Presentation
Homework:  W14 Exponent Review  

Week 13 at a Glance 03/26/18

  Math Science
Day 1: 6.2.3 Algebra Tiles Introduction
Extreme Weather Brochure
Day 2:
6.2.4 Combining Like Terms
Extreme Weather Brochure
Peer Edits
Day 3: 6.2.5 Evaluating Like Terms
Weather Project Brochure
Day 4: 6.2.4 Combining Like Terms (Continued)
Weather Project Brochure
Day 5: CH6 Review
Extreme Weather Test
Homework:  W13 Area/Perimeter Quads  

Week 12 at a Glance 03/19/18

  Math Science
Day 1: 6.1.3 Dividing Fractions (Continued)
Coriolis Effect Review
Day 2:
6.1.4 Division Models
Coriolis Effect Quiz
Day 3: 6.2.1 Order of Operations
Extreme Weather Video Exploration
Day 4:
Order of Operations
Interactive Journal
Extreme Weather Video Exploration (Continued)
Day 5: 6.2.2 Area of a Rectangular Shape (Order of Operations)
Extreme Weather Group Activity
Homework:  W12 Multiplying Decimals  

 Week 11 at a Glance 03/12/18

  Math Science
Day 1: CH6 Intro 6.1.1 Dividing
Coriolis & Weather Review
Day 2:
6.1.1 Dividing (Continued)
Weather Vocabulary
Day 3: 6.1.2 Dividing Fractions
Weather Project Brochure
Day 4: 6.1.3 Dividing Fractions
Weather Project Brochure
Day 5: Add, Subtract, Multiply, & Divide Fractions Interactive Journal Coriolis Effect Quiz
Homework:  W11 Checkpoint 7  

Week 10 at a Glance 03/05/18

  Math Science
Day 1: CH5 Closure & Review
Coriolis Effect Lab
Day 2:
CH5 Closure & Review (Continued)
Coriolis Effect Lab
Day 3: CH5 Individual Test
Weather Project Research
Day 4: Makeup/Review/Reassesments Weather Project Research
Day 5: 5.2.2 Multiplying Decimals Interactive Journal Notes Coriolis Effect Guided Questions
Homework:  W10 Checkpoint 6  

Week 9 at a Glance 02/26/18

  Math Science
Day 1: 5.2.2 Fraction Multiplication Number Sense Climate/Weather Sort
Day 2:
5.1.4 Multiplying Mixed Fractions
Climate Zones
Day 3: 5.3.3 Area of a Triangle
Climate/Weather EdPuzzles
Day 4: 5.3.4 Area of a Trapezoid Climate/Weather EdPuzzles
Day 5: CH5 Partner Test Coriolis Effect Introduction
Homework:  W9 Checkpoint 5  

Week 8 at a Glance 02/19/18

  Math Science
Day 1: NO School  
Day 2:
NO School
Day 3: 5.1.4 Multiplying Mixed Fractions
Climate vs. Weather
Day 4: 5.2.1 Multiplying Decimals
Pressure Systems &
Air Fronts-Presentations
Day 5: 5.3.2 Area of Parrallelogram Presentations (Cont.)
Homework:  W8 Checkpoint 3  Weather Vocabulary
Picture Day: February 22 (No Days for Make-Ups)
Fundraisers: Yogurtland-February 22; Chipotle-March 5
Middle School Theater Night: February 23, Covina Center for the Arts - Into the Woods

Week 7 at a Glance 02/13/18

  Math Science
Day 1: NO School  
Day 2:
NO School
Student-Led Conferences
Day 3: 5.1.3 Calculating Parts of Parts (Notes & Practice)
Weather Reading & Annotation
Day 4:
Checkpoint 2-
Add/Subtract Fractions
Weather Reading & Annotation
Day 5: Test Corrections & Make-ups
Hyrologic Cycle Quiz
Homework:  W7 Checkpoint 2  

Week 6 at a Glance 02/05/18

  Math Science
Day 1:
Academic Advisement
Academic Advisement
Day 2:
5.1.1 Representing Fraction Multiplication
Intro Weather Unit
Day 3: 5.1.2 Describing Parts of Parts Water Cycle Presentations
Day 4: 5.1.3 Calculating Parts of Parts Water Cycle Presentations
Day 5: Ratios (Notes & Practice)
Weather Forecasting
Homework:  W6 Checkpoint 1  Weather Forecasting

Week 5 at a Glance 1/28/18

  Math Science
Day 1:
4.2.4 Ratios in Other Situations
Hydrologic Cycle Lab
Day 2:
CH4 Vocabulary & Review
Hydrologic Cycle Lab (Continued)
Day 3: Quarter 3 Review
Hydrologic Cycle Study Guide & Review
Day 4: CH4 Independent Test Hydrologic Cycle Team Test
Day 5: CH4 Group Test
Hydrologic Cycle Independent Test
Homework:  W4 Study Guide Unit Study Guide

Week 4 at a Glance 1/22/18

  Math Science
Day 1:
CAASPP Interim Assessments
Hydrologic Cycle Annotation & Research
Day 2:
CAASPP Interim Assessments
Hydrologic Cycle Project Introduction
Day 3: 4.2.2 Enlarging & Reducing Figures
Hydrologic Cycle Project Planning
Day 4: 4.2.3 Enlargment & Reduction Ratios Hydrologic Cycle Digital Exploration
Day 5: 4.2.3 Continued & HW Quiz
Pomona Research & Poster
Homework:  W4 HW (Quarter 3 Review) Gather Materials for Project