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Studio Theatre Upgrades

In the last 5 months the Studio Theatre at the Downtown Center has undergone significant upgrades to the venue that has had an immediate impact on both the education of students and the quality of the production values that The School of Arts & Enterprise offers.
Some highlights of these upgrades include—

* A new ETC Element Lighting Console
 * 6 New ETC Source Jr. Lighting Instruments
 * 4 New Longman LED Par Can Lighting Instruments
* All Lighting Cable and Plugs Upgraded to safe, industry standard cabling.
* A New 16 Channel Expression Si Soundboard
* 4 New JBL House Speakers
 * 3 New Hanging Area Microphones & 2 New Handheld Microphones
* A New Mac Mini exclusively for Show & Media Control
* A Full Professional License of Qlab 3.
* 2 New Short Throw Projectors