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The SAE and Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

By now, you have probably heard that California has adopted the national Common Core standards for English and Mathematics.  These standards were designed to support all students to be college and career ready. Schools across the state are in the process of transitioning to these new standards.  Next year will be the first year of full English and Math implementation of the CCSS.  These standards are more rigorous and are assessed in a new way.  This year, our school is field testing the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) assessment.  This new assessment is an adaptive, online test.  In addition to answering multiple choice questions, students will write short and long responses and complete a performance task.  Since the SAE is committed to Project Based Learning (PBL) and Complex Instruction (CI), our students are already familiar with the type of performance tasks that will be assessed through SBAC.

Although the Common Core State Standards were officially adopted after the school year began, the SAE faculty has worked very hard to begin implementing them this year.  The English and Math teachers have redesigned courses to be fully aligned to the CCSS.  We are also using CCSS aligned benchmarks this year.  In addition, all teachers have revised their course pacing guides and units to include the CCSS literacy standards. We adopted a school wide practice of annotating the text to support students in comprehending complex texts.  Teachers across the disciplines are incorporating more writing into their classes.  All of our teachers have received Common Core training and many are attending conferences on how to implement CCSS in their disciplines.  Be assured that the SAE is committed to preparing our faculty and students for this exciting transition.

For more information on CCSS or the SBAC assessment, please visit: