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 Journals will be checked every two weeks!
To get a 3: Write down each question, and answer the question in 3 complete sentences
To get a 4: Write down each question, and answer the question in 4 or more complete sentences.
1. Why do we use a specific writing structure (thesis, TEAL, etc.) to organize our body paragraphs? Why do we avoid just writing down our ideas out of order?
2. What does it mean to "analyze" our evidence? Why must we provide analysis for our evidence?
3. Describe your experience at the SAE Academic Expo. How did your team perform? Explain. What could you have done better? Explain.
4. Describe the importance of asking open-ended questions during a Socratic Seminar. Why is asking close-ended questions counter-productive for a discussion?
5. In a Socratic Seminar, why do we support our claims with evidence or quotes from the text?
6. How can preparing for and participating in Friday's Socratic Seminar help prepare you for your argumentative essay?
7. How do you think the threat of nuclear war would affect average citizens? 
8. If you crash landed on an island, would you first seek food or seek shelter? Explain your choice.
9. Describe Jack. What is he like (inside and out). Do you think he'll make a good ally for Ralph and Piggy? Why or why not?
10. Would you make a good chief of the group on the island? Why or why not?
11. If you were Piggy, what would you do to make sure the rest of the kids listened to you?
12. Do you think that being on the island for an extended period of time might heal some of the tension between characters? Why or why not?
13. Why must someone always be near the fire? What is the fire for and what does it symbolize for the boys?
14. What should be Jack and the choir's punishment for letting the fire go out (even though they brought back a pig)?
15. When Ralph addresses the group at the next assembly, would it benefit him to speak calmly or to yell at the group to get his point across? Explain. 
16. Why is the group more likely to listen to Jack than Piggy? Why does no one (except Ralph) stand up for Piggy?
17. Why do authors include symbols or symbolism in writing? Why can this be more beneficial than only being literal?
18. Should Ralph confront Jack at their next assembly? Why might he hesitate to confront Jack in front of the group?
19. Ralph's assembly is going poorly so far. Why? What can he do going forward to be a more effective speaker and leader?
20. At the end of Chapter 5, Ralph considers giving up his chieftainship. Why? What negative consequences would occur if he gave up?
21. What complaints might some of the boys have about Ralph's leadership? Why? Would you agree? Explain. 
22. If you were selling a product, would it be more beneficial to appeal to pathos or logos? Why?
23. Pretend you are selling me a car. Would you appeal to ethos, pathos, or logos? How? Why did you choose that choice?
24. (For the debate) Who is your character and who does he want to be chief? In your character's mind, why is his candidate most fit to be chief?
25. What is the benefit of incorporating pathos into a persuasive essay? Why might it be better than only using logos?