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Mr. William Hsu » Mr. Hsu Calendar -- All Classes

Mr. Hsu Calendar -- All Classes

Attached are the calendars for the year.  Everything to expect will be listed on the calendar.  


Recent Posts

Discord Server

Hi class,
I created the discord server, so basically if you want to discuss with others during the stream, you can talk through discord.  Click on the link (and make an account) to join!

LaTeX Tables

This is part of what is due on Monday/Tuesday.
Why is it very important that you try this and send the link on time?
1. So you don't get detention.
2. I will put comments in the LaTeX file to tell you what you did right and wrong.  I will that that for every single file, so that will help you learn!  Use me as a resource!!
Here is a link for how to do tables.  
Before you do it, tell yourself, "This is easier than I think it is."  
Also, do NOT say that you can't do it and do NOT give up if you didn't even read the whole thing completely.

Pre-Calculus Stream 1 Survey

Hi class,
Here is a survey for the stream.  I need to know in order to prepare for the stream.  Please fill it out by midnight on Thursday, 9/21.  I will be making stream notes on Friday morning, so if you do it after that, your opinion won't be factored into the stream.
Yes, some of the questions sound like they'll get you in "trouble".  They won't.  I'm only using those to get a feel for how things are.  I will not use any responses against any individuals, so being honest (but not extra) is the most helpful thing you can do here.

Algebra Practice Problems Solutions

Here are the solutions to the Algebra Practice Problems.  As this isn't an assignment that I'm putting in the gradebook or anything, it's not totally required.  With that being said, this solution guide is simply for you to check your work and learn from any mistakes you might make.  If I had time, I would've annotated it for things like finding common denominators, factoring, etc.  Just use this to the best of your abilities.  Let's build those foundations!

Working with Variables

 Link to the YouTube video below.  Hi class, please watch the video today while I'm out.  What you need to do is take notes.  The expectation is that you pause the video when I present the problem, then try it.  Check it after you're done.  Do this as a GROUP. 
Blue: Resource Manager
Green: Facilitator 
Yellow: Harmonizer
Red: Recorder/Reporter
Also, when you're done, do the homework from the textbook.  There's a class set of the book.  Do NOT take any home yet.  I'll give you instructions on Thursday for those taking them home.
Link is here.   If there are problems viewing, then send me an email immediately.