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Wellness Policy


The School of Arts and Enterprise recognizes the link between student health and learning. We provide a program that promotes healthy eating and physical activity. We promote health literacy through health education, physical education, nutrition services, and health promotions. In addition we provide a safe and healthy environment.


Nutrition and Physical Fitness Goals


Physical Fitness

All students are provided with the opportunities to be physically active through physical fitness classes, yogi classes, dance classes, movement in theatre classes, daily walk–overs to other campus’, and unstructured activities at lunch and after school.


Nutrition Education

Nutrition education is woven into the Biology curriculum. It is covered in the physical fitness and yogi classes. It is also taught in our House class during the year.


Nutrition Content of Foods and Beverages

Meets or exceeds school nutrition requirements and federal regulations. Vending machines snacks also meets the school nutrition requirements. All healthy food is supported for any class or school celebration.



The director or designee annually reports to the board regarding charter’s compliance with state and federal standards and requirements.