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Teacher Bio: I am a fourth-year member of The School of Arts and Enterprise Family.  I bring a strong business background and a love for teaching.  I would like to inspire students to become lifelong learners who not only seek higher education but strive to achieve their dreams in spite of personal challenges. The motivation to break through socioeconomic barriers, set high expectations, and persevere has always been my family.  I have three beautiful children and a wonderful extended family.  Recently, we explored the Grand Canyon and walked the Red Carpet with my twins.  Reading is my favorite past time, especially thrillers and mysteries.  I look forward to incorporating all our strengths into building math skills and knowledge.


My goal: To engage each student in the learning process, because everyone has the capacity for learning.


Content Area: Mathematics (CPM-Core Connections Course 1)

                         Integrated Science (Next Generation Science Standards)


Website address:

Email address:

Front Office Phone: (909) 436-1005


Tutoring Dates: Mondays 3:35pm - 4:30pm

                           Thursdays 8:00am - 9:00am

 "I have learned that the best way to lift one's self up is to help someone else." -- Booker T. Washington, educator, writer and orator


Recent Posts

Week at a Glance 09/11/17 

  Math Science
Day 1: 1.2.4 Products, Factors, and Factor Pairs (Continued)
Water Cycle - Hurricanes
Day 2: Chapter 1 Closure/Test Review
Hurricane Research
Day 3: Chapter 1 Group Test Water Cycle Presentations
Day 4:
Chapter 1 Individual Test &
Journal Check
Water Cycle Presentations
Day 5: 2.1.1 Dot Plots and Bar Graphs
 Hurricane Research (Continued)
Homework: CH 1 Closure/Test Review
Water Cycle Model
(Due Tuesday 9/12)

Week at a Glance 09/05/17 

  Math Science
Day 1: 1.2.1 Multiple Representations
Water Cycle Lab
Day 2: 1.2.2 Representing Comparisons
Water Cycle Lab
Day 3: 1.2.3 Characteristics of Numbers
Water Cycle Review
Day 4: 1.2.4 Products, Factors, and Factor Pairs
Water Cycle Assessment
Reminder: Regular Schedule on Friday  
Homework: HW Week of 09/05
Water Cycle Model
(Due Tuesday 9/12)


Week at a Glance 08/27/17 

  Math Science
Day 1: 1.1.2 Area & Perimeter Water Unit Vocabulary
Day 2: 1.1.3 Describing Extending Patterns Water Unit Intro
Day 3: 1.1.4 Representing Data Water Cycle Game
Day 4: 1.1.5 Making Sense of a Logic Problem Water Cycle Game
Day 5: Rounding Interactive Journal Water Cycle Quiz
Homework: HW Week of 08/28 N/A

Week at a Glance 08/21/17 

  Math Science
Day 1: Diagnostic Traits Experiment
Day 2: Diagnostic Traits Experiment
Day 3: 1.1.2 Area & Perimeter Traits Notebooks
Day 4: 1.1.2 Area & Perimeter Traits Performance Task Preparation
Day 5: Quiz & 1.1.3 Describing Extending Patterns Traits Performance Task
Homework: HW Week of 08/21 N/A


Week at a Glance 08/14/17

  Math Science
Day 1: Introductions Intro & Safety
Day 2: Expectations Diagnostic
Day 3: Journals Group Roles
Day 4: 1.1.1 Visualizing Info Scientist
Day 5: Textbook Scavenger Hunt Scientific Process
Homework: Mathography Class Materials

Week at a Glance 06/05/17

Day 1: Collaborative Wrap Up Activity
Day 2: Kahoot Class Review
Day 3: Kahoot Class Review Continued
Day 4: 6th Grade Class Party (Memorial Park)

Week at a Glance 05/30/17

Day 1: MDTP Summative Assessment
Day 2: MDTP Summative Assessment
Day 3: MDTP Completion and Reassessments
Day 4: CH8 Review and Final Quiz
Homework: Parent Signature On Grades

Week at a Glance 05/22/17

Day 1: 8.1.5 Comparing and Using Representations
Day 2: 8.2.1 Statistical Data
Day 3: 8.2.1 Statistical Data Review and Preview
Day 4: CH6 Re-Assessment
Homework: Review & Preview 8-74, 8-77, 8-79, 8-82, and 8-83. Student may use Homework Helper.

Week at a Glance 05/15/17

Day 1: 8.1.1 Measures of Central Tendency
Day 2: 8.1.2 Choosing Mean or Median
Day 3: 8.1.3 Shape and Spread
Day 4: 8.1.4 Box Plots and Interquartile Range
Homework: Review & Preview 8-20 to 8-29 may use Homework Helper.

Week at a Glance 05/01/17

Day 1: 6.2.4 Combining Like Terms
Day 2: 6.2.5 Evaluating Algebraic Expressions
Day 3: 6.2.5 Evaluating Algebraic Expressions Continued
Day 2: Chapter 6 Review
Homework: Study Guide will be passed out on Monday 05/08.

Week at a Glance 04/24/17

Day 1: Vocabulary Kahoot!
Day 3: Math SBAC
Day 4: Academic Reflection
Homework: No Homework
Note: Wednesday's tutoring canceled.  Students will be allowed to study quietly in the Cafe until 3:30pm.

Week at a Glance 04/17/17

Day 1: 6.2.2 Area of a Rectangular Shape
Day 2: 6.2.3 Naming Perimeters of Algebra Tiles
Day 3: 6.2.4 Combining Like Terms
Day 4: 6.2.5 Evaluating Algebraic Expressions
Homework: Performance Task Week of 04/17
Note: All make up work for CH 4 & CH 5 due no later than 4/21/17

Week at a Glance 04/03/17

Day 1: Exponents & Reassessments
Day 2: 6.2.1 Order of Operations
Day 3: 6.2.1 Order of Operations Continued
Day 4: Measures of Central Tendency & Order of Operations Quiz
Homework: Complete at least one reassessment
Note: All make up work for CH 4 & CH 5 due no later than 4/21/17